Why public sector needs compensation survey?


We spoke to Mariel Kivi from the Estonian Ministry of Finance about why central compensation surveys are beneficial for the public sector

Employees Spend an Average of 13 Hours a Month Worrying About Money


In the public sphere and many companies in Latvia, there is a growing focus on employee well-being. However, without a clear understanding of what it truly means, this concept can be misinterpreted. It is important to recognize that an individual's well-being, or how we feel about our life, is composed of several components: career well-being (how much we enjoy our daily work), social well-being (having meaningful relationships with family, colleagues, and friends), financial well-being, physical well-being, and community well-being (how comfortable we feel in our living environment).

What will happen to the office?


During the summer months, our offices become even emptier than usual. People are enjoying their holidays and work from home or summer cottage. Figure 2023. survey indicates that only 2% of the employers do not offer remote work opportunities to some or all employees.

Employers will face tougher obligation to ensure equal pay: two year to prepare


Last year, the European Parliament and the European Commission adopted the EU Pay Transparency Directive, originally proposed in 2021. This Directive aims to enhance the legal framework for fair pay and reduce the gender pay gap. However, questions remain about its effectiveness in addressing the complex issues in the labor market.

The Hidden Value: Calculating the Cost of Stay-at-Home Parenting


Taking care of home and family has much more added value than it might seem at first when looking at routine duties.